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    Conquering Consumers in the Connected World

    08:50 | 12/09/2018

    According to Tetra Pak Index 2017, when the world of connected consumers grows, brands increasingly face more complex challenges and environments. Statistically, the number of internet users in Asia Pacific accounts for more than half of internet users and more than 54% of the world's social networking users. This requires brands to engage in interactive activities away from conventional norms to conquer connected consumers.


    The report also shows that the customer's shopping journey is changing unpredictably in a complex network with many touch points take place. Consumers are now looking for information about the product from the previous stage, while buying and after buying;


    Increased connectivity and online platforms have created challenges for brands because consumers expect consistency in the experience and message across all of the touch points they interact with on social media.


    Vietnamese consumers are increasingly connected as smartphones and mobile connectivity are becoming a part of their lives. According to the report, the behavior of these connected consumers is shifting from a "push" to a "pull" model. They actively seek out the information and products they need and seem to be ready to "ignore" what they consider irrelevant. Brands need to invest more in personalized experiences and content to enhance the interaction and emotional appeal of consumers.




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