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    To change your customer habits...

    10:52 | 21/11/2018

    To change your customer habits, make the change easy

    Jordan Cohen, Vice President at Weight Watchers International, recently conducted some interesting experiments in his company. In order to encourage healthy eating, limit fat intake, Jordan Cohen left bananas and oranges free on the fifth floor for employees to pick up. However, there is a strange thing that more than 20% of employees go to the 5th floor, if not found the banana, they will go away without the orange. Jordan Cohen then went on to study this strange group of people and realized they were not the ones who hated the orange or preferred to eat bananas, but because they were lazy to peel orange than banana peels.


    "Every time, people try to think of ways to achieve results without spending much time, or effort. If there are many paths to the destination, I will also choose the easiest path for myself "- Jordan Cohen shared.


    Therefore, when the brand wants to change a habit or behavior of customers, the best way is to turn these changes easily, so that the customer cannot fail to implement it. "There are many brands of fast food that still trying to keep selling extremely cheap, convenient and popular items like ice cream, cakes, candy ... though less profit. From little things, along with the time, customers will form the habit of regularly frequented the shop. And then, the brand has also printed in the customer's mind "-Jordan Cohen said.




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